The Pillar Of Support.

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter”

The Pillar Of Support.

“Sir, someone has stolen my mobile phone!” Aaron yelled in the classroom. Tears slipped down his cheeks. Their class teacher Mr. Brown had gotten tired of hearing such complaints.  From the past few days, such complaints had become a regular thing, and he had no idea who was responsible. He was sure that the person behind all these thefts was a student from his class. So, after a long thought, he decided he was going to catch the thief and put an end to it once and for all.

After observing and analyzing most of the complaints, he noticed a pattern that indicated that the majority of the thefts were done during the lunch break when everyone had gone to the cafeteria. So Mr. Brown decided that he would start keeping an eye on everyone in the cafeteria and observe any unusual things. After a few days, he realized that one of his students named Jacob skips going to the cafeteria for lunch on some days. And those were the days when a lot of things went missing. Noticing this odd behavior, Mr. Brown became immediately suspicious of him. But without any evidence, it was not fair to blame anyone for such a terrible thing. So he decided to catch the thief in the act! 

Mr. Brown decided to see on which of the days Jacob would not come to the cafeteria for lunch, and then follow him and see what were his activities during that time. So the next day, as the lunch-break bell rang and students started to head out of the class,   Mr. Brown started to quietly follow Jacob without being noticed. Jacob first headed out into the school basketball court and sat there for a few minutes. Mr. Brown also followed him quietly. Then suddenly Jacob got up and started to head towards the classroom. He looked around for a while and made sure all his classmates had gone out and then quickly went inside the classroom and started opening backpacks of students, and right there he found someone’s cellphone! He had no idea that he was being watched and was about to sneak it in his pocket when suddenly Mr. Brown came forward. Jacob was caught red-handed. He was shocked and almost froze like a stone. His face turned red and he was speechless. “Follow me to my office, and put that cell phone back in that bag!” shouted Mr. brown furiously.

Ashamed and humiliated, Jacob was following Mr. Brown when a lot of thoughts were going through his mind. He was certain that now the police would be called and he would be handed over to them. He was thinking about his poor mother; how would she react to knowing that her son was a thief! She always thought that her boy was an honest and hardworking kid. And this news would break her heart. How would he face his mother again after he had committed such crimes? Anxiously thinking about all the consequences Jacob was regretting the day he had started stealing things. 

Now, as they entered Mr. Brown’s office, Jacob was standing head down, ashamed and feeling sorry. Mr. Brown told him to have a seat and asked “Jacob, what does your father do?” and Jacob replied in a low voice and looked cautiously around. “He is no more Sir, my father passed away when I was ten. Jacob went on to explain how he lived with his mother, and how they were struggling financially. Her mom was working as a cleaning lady at a restaurant and they could barely manage to make ends meet. Jacob then confessed that he sells the stolen items and uses that money to party and hang out with his friends. And that’s how this addiction to crime started. But he started requesting Mr. Brown to not tell the authorities about this incident and give him the last chance, as this news would break his mother’s heart. She was the world to him and he didn’t want to disappoint her. His mother had high hopes for him.

Hearing all this, Mr. Brown started considering the situation, and meanwhile, Jacob was pleading and begging for forgiveness and was promising that he would never commit such an act again. Now, Mr. Brown believed that everyone deserves a second chance. So he thought for a while and then came up with a plan. “Okay, so you want a second chance, right? I will not call the police on one condition” said Mr. Brown.

Jacob was already willing to accept whatever it was. Mr. Brown then said that he has a deal, and the deal was that Jacob was to change his bad habits, avoid any such criminal activities, and get a part-time job. And he had to come back clean after two months with the proof otherwise he would be handed over to the police. Jacob thought for a minute, and he readily agreed. Then, Mr. Brown explained to Jacob that his mother is a single parent who is doing everything for him. She was paying his school fee and expected to see her son grow and develop into a good and successful human being. He told him that he should become a pillar of support for his mother instead of being such a troublemaker.

Now, after hearing all this Jacob realized that he was headed on the wrong path. He thanked Mr. Brown with all his heart and promised to change his habits and find a job. The next day Jacob was up and ready early in the morning, and headed out to find a job. But the entire day, he went from office to office but to his surprise, nobody offered him a job! He was disappointed and realized how hard it was to find a decent job and earn an honest living. Then finally after a lot of struggle, he found a small pizza shop where they required a delivery boy. He inquired about the job, it was a really demanding and challenging job with a lot of hard work and very little pay. But with no other option, he agreed and had to join from the next day.

So, from the next day onwards, Jacob was attending school in the daytime and then after his classes, instead of going out with his friends to party and chill he went straight to his new job. And all this while, Jacob had not told anything to his mother. He wanted to surprise her with the change he was bringing about in his life. Every day he had new deliveries to far away addresses, and he had to deliver the pizza within a very short duration of time. He struggled for the first few days but slowly and steadily he got better at it. Then after working hard for almost one month, the day came when Jacob finally got his salary, which he earned with hard work. He was overjoyed and thrilled, although it was a very small amount, he was grateful that he had earned it with his skills. 

The very next day he went to meet Mr. Brown. He explained how he had got a job at the pizza shop and was working there after school. He then thanked him with all his heart. He was eternally grateful to him for turning his life around and making him a better person. And as a gesture of gratitude, he offered his first salary to Mr. Brown as a present. Now, he was very impressed with the dedication and honesty of Jacob and appreciate him. Then he said, “I do not deserve this present, but instead the person who does is your mother”. He explained that she would be more than happy and grateful that her son had started earning and was working hard. Jacob agreed and thanked Mr. brown again and then headed home.   

When Jacob reached home, his mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner for them. He went there and hugged his mother tightly. She was happy and joyful and they both sat down. His mother then asked him what was the matter and why was he so cheerful and happy. He then explained the entire incident and how he had developed a bad habit of stealing and was headed down the wrong path. Then he told how Mr. Brown gave him a second chance and turned his life around. His mother was shocked to hear all this but appreciated Jacob being honest with her. He explained how Mr. Brown had given him a chance and this was the result of that. He was indebted to him for all this. Then he asked his mother to close her eyes and lay her hand out. She did, and then he placed his first salary in her hand. He said “Mom, I am truly grateful to God for blessing me with such an amazing and lovely mother. I have got a job and this is my first salary. Till now you have been my support and you took care of all my expenses. But no more, from now on I am your pillar of support. And together we will go on and face whatever challenge life throws at us”. Jacob’s mother had tears of joy in her eyes and her heart was filled with pride and joy. She gave him all her blessings and they enjoyed their dinner together. And from that day onwards, Jacob realized that true happiness lies nowhere else but in the happiness of your parents! And that day onwards, he continued to work hard every day, becoming a better person and moving forward in life!


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