The Day I Met Her

`` What is it you're reading?`` I asked her, meeting her beautiful and serene eyes,. ``International marriage,`` she said (in an almost amazing English) with a sweet and gentle voice that mesmerized my senses and awed me to silence at the same time. Feel free to leave a comment.

The Day I Met Her

Meeting people who will end up being a crushing pain in one’s life (we are apt to say

with disgust): why in the hell did I have to meet that sickening bastard?), and meeting people who will somehow be a treat or an inspiration or both in one’s life is beyond my comprehension.

I was preparing for the last hour of my evening lesson with my students, when my friend, whom I sometimes chummed with sent me a text, asking if I could join him for dinner after my class. I told him after a considerable thought that I could, as long we were not staying long.

I was already dead exhausted by the time my friend saw me to the station. No sooner I changed from the express to the local train than I located an empty seat in a quiet corner of the train.

I was almost dozing off, when a beautiful figure with a charming and arresting face wearing what looked like a blue blouse and a black skirt to match, walked in passionately and majestically and took a seat right in front of me. She immediately began to flip a book she was holding idly.  A part of me just wanted to sleep and let her concentrate on what she was doing because I barely had enough breath in me to start a conversation. Another part said I should at least talk just for conversation purposes.

Aren’t you going to talk to me, you cute dude? You think I picked up the courage to sit right in front of you and have you stare at me as if I’m from another world? Common talk to me before I … Her beautiful blue eyes continued to say. I will talk to you if you will just drop what you flipping through right now, my tired eyes responded.

It was as if our thoughts were running together because she stopped flipping and stole a quick glance at me. ``Wow, he is sooo cute!`` she whispered to herself. ``Yeah, I know. My mom told me that when I was young,`` I whispered to myself cheerily. `` What is it you're reading?`` I asked her, meeting her beautiful and serene eyes,. ``International marriage,`` she said (in an almost amazing English) with a sweet and gentle voice that mesmerized my senses and awed me to silence at the same time. ``Why international marriage? Are you married to a foreigner? `` I asked as a matter of curiosity.

``No, I’m single. I was in England for a year and had a beau from Thailand; we are now platonic friends, `` she said gently. She continued to smile the smiles that melt hearts.

Hey, hey, hey!    Sounds like a winner. Single and no beau at the moment. I guess that makes me a happy man. I thought cheerily in spite of myself.

We continued to talk nineteen to the dozen like  long lost friends and exchanged phone numbers and email addresses,and finally, I said, ``My name is David, I’m pleased to meet you.``  My name is Suzie, nice to meet you too,`` she said touchily, holding my right hand with her two soft hands. She held them for what seemed like an eternity, sending me into a dreamy world. At that instant, I remembered my lovely mom; how she held my hand in her two hands saying, ``God is with you.`` I fought an insurmountable urge to kiss her lovely hands, as she held them still, staring into my eyes with her dreamy eyes.` ` Haruda, haruda desu,`` the train conductor announced. I guess this brought Suzie back to the present as she stood up gracefully and said, ``I have to get off here; take care, and hope to see you soon.``  ``You too. See you soon, ``I said, fresh admiration striking me, as she walked gently to the door.

Suzie stood in front of the door for a moment, waving her hand and smiling charmingly. I smiled back without taking my eyes off her. As she stepped out of the train, I knew without a doubt that I have found a wonderful friend.

Suzie was transported with unspeakable joy as she rode her bike silently home with the warm wind in her hair. On impulse she started to sing, ``this is thy day I met David. I will rejoice and be glad in it``  ``Are you OK?``  A voice inside asked her in awe. `` Yep, I’m so okay, you won’t even believe it. I don’t think there is any law yet against singing or blissing yourself out while riding home on a beautiful and lovely evening,`` she heard herself whispering back and continued to hum along with joy.

``Suzie! Suzie! Where are you going?,`` the voice of her mom brought Suzie back from her reverie. ``Oh my! I can’t believe I just rode past my house,`` she whispered aloud to nobody but herself. ``What is the matter with you, Suzie? You look so happy, did you win a lottery, got your dream job, or… I haven’t seen you in this mood for years. Hey, spill it. Don’t keep your mom in suspense, `` Susie`s mom said affectionately, startled to see her daughter in a joyful mood

``I met this cute guy on the train, and I have this brainwave we might end up being good friends,`` Suzie said immediately. Both mom and daughter yelled with laughter. ``Oh my! Give me a break!`` Suzie’s mom said when the laughter died down. ``Let`s talk more about this celebrity guy from the blue you just met after your shower and dinner. `` Suzie’s mom added and this sent them into another bout of laughter.

That night, Suzie had a dream; and she dreamed of being in a coffee shop with me having an English conversation. She could sense me undoing her body with my deep hazel eyes sparkling with a mixture of admiration and lust. ``Hey, dude. You are too fast!`` she almost whispered aloud and then choked it off.

I have known Susie for almost weeks now, and in all sincerity, it seems we have known each other for a decade. She has got lots of heat and I’m dancing to it. Don’t get me all wrong; Suzie may not be the cutest or nicest woman on earth, but speaking with all sincerity, she does command some striking values: she is caring, socially poised, outgoing, and cheerful, but sometimes prone to the fear of failure. She is the perfect female type for a family. She has a perfect understanding of what a man or woman needs, and a genuine desire to please. What amazes me most is the clear-cut way she easily reverses the role of mom and child. Sometimes she plays the role of a mom cosseting you and attending to your needs as all lovely moms attend to the needs of their awesome children. And on some occasions, she acts like a wary child who wants to be cosseted.

Suzie like all of us is not without some weaknesses: whatever she pleads as her excuse or excuses, Suzie does not communicate often. If you are expecting Suzie to send you mail or reply to you when you want, there is no better way to put it than to tell you that you are in for a huge letdown. She doesn’t hesitate to apologize for this deficiency, whenever she deems fit.

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