Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 4

Seeing the text was from an unfamiliar number, she opened it and read the message. M: Hey it’s me Mark from the other night. How’re you?

Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 4

The week passed by quickly for Miranda.  Susan had her interact with Frank every time she saw him, even if it was simply looking him in the eyes.  She would accidentally bump into him in the break room, or she would make sure he saw her derriere whenever she was at the copy machine and saw Frank headed in her direction.  She noticed that her boss Juliet was giving her snide looks, and sarcastic glances more than usual, but Miranda had decided that she was not going to bother paying any attention to what she thought unless it actually had something to do with work.  Miranda was tired of trying to please people that were unpleasable.

          By the middle of the week, she had noticed that Frank was starting to pay a little more attention to her than usual.  Now when he got off the elevator in the morning, he was making eye contact with her as he passed her cubicle, and this morning he had even stopped by to say a few words to her.  Miranda was in heaven, he had the deepest voice she had ever heard.  She was so lost in dreaming about what it would be like when Frank finally took her, she failed to see her boss Juliet headed to her desk.

          “Hellooo???!!! Are you paying attention Miranda?!?!!!” snapping out of her reverie, Miranda looked up to see her boss angrily addressing her.  Wondering what the woman wanted now, she refocused her attention on her boss, and away from her dreams.  After Juliet had left her alone in peace so that she could get her job done, Miranda’s thoughts returned to Frank and all the things she wanted him to do to her.  

“Hey? Your name’s Miranda right?” turning around at the sound of her name coming from a familiar yet strange voice, Miranda turned around to see Frank standing directly behind her in the cafeteria line, also waiting to pay for his lunch.  With her heart beating fast and face beginning to turn a slight pink, Miranda quickly calmed her nerves, opened her mouth, and began to talk to Frank.  She couldn’t believe it, Susan was a freaking genius.  In less than two weeks' time, not only had Frank noticed her, but he was now actually starting a conversation with her.

Miranda couldn’t even remember what they were talking about, she was so mesmerized by his beauty.  With his olive tanned skin, jet black hair, full lips, and chiseled bone structure, he was truly of the gods, and here he was talking to little old her.  Shit, Susan could make a killing teaching women how to bag their crushes.  Miranda was thinking to herself, as she and Frank continued their conversation, as they walked towards the elevator, and headed back to their desks so that they could enjoy their lunch while they worked.


          Later that evening after work, Miranda and Susan were at their favorite spot for happy hour, and Miranda was filling Susan in on the day's accomplishments.  “Oh Mir, that’s fantastic.  You practically have him eating out of the palm of your hands.”  Susan said to her once she finished telling her about the conversation she and Frank had had.  By the time the two of them got back up to their workstations, they were deep in conversation.  As a matter of fact, they were so deep in conversation, that instead of going to their desks to have the working lunches that they’d originally planned to do, the two of them headed to the breakroom with their food, and took their lunch there while still continuing with their conversation.

          Of course, they had gotten a few strange looks from some of the other co-workers.  But, it wasn’t because they had decided to take their lunch in the breakroom, it was because Frank and Miranda were actually enjoying lunch, to begin with.  It was out of the norm for the two of them.  First, because Miranda was so quiet and shy around the office, they didn’t think that she was the type that Frank would go for, and second, because Frank never took lunch in the breakroom at all, much less with an employee.

          It was truly a first.  Although Miranda knew these things as well, she hadn’t let them bother her.  For the first time in her life, she was the center of her crush's attention and she wasn’t going to allow anything, much less any negative thoughts interfere with the heaven she was currently in.  “OMG Sue!  It went so well that by the end of lunch he was asking me if I had any plans for the weekend.  I mean, WTF?!!”  Laughing at the surprise in her friend’s eyes and voice, Susan was nodding her head up and down and telling her that she just had to believe in herself.

          “Seriously Mir, the only reason why you never had the opportunity before, was because you didn’t believe you could do it.  I told you, you’re gorgeous, smart, and a joy to be around.  Anyone would want to get to know you better.  Just remember that Frank is for a good time and not a long time and you should be good.”  Susan had significantly more experience than Miranda when it came to casual relationships, so she had to make sure she constantly reminded her friend, to be careful with how she wore her feelings.

          Nodding her head in agreement with her friend Miranda replied, “Don’t worry Sue, I’m not going to allow my heart to rule my head.  I’ve got this!”  she said hoping that she was able to convince her friend more than she was currently able to convince herself.

          That Saturday Miranda couldn’t focus on anything.  The day before she and Susan had gone shopping for what Sue liked to call “the perfect fuck me right now dress!”.  With her outfit picked out and hair styled to perfection the day before, the only thing Miranda had to focus on was getting ready for her date later on that night with Frank.  After they’d had lunch together that Thursday, Frank had been emailing her consistently at work, as well as texting her after work.

          She was seriously in a state of suspended belief.  Little old her from small town west bumblefuck was actually dating a hot guy in the city, and he actually seemed to take an interest in her.  When he asked her out for Saturday, she almost blurted out “yes” so fast but was able to keep from embarrassing herself, and instead answered with a quiet, “sure.”  right before she was about to get into the shower, she heard the text message notification on her phone chime.  Thinking it was probably Sue texting to check her progress and hoping it wasn’t Frank texting to cancel, Miranda quickly grabbed her phone and pulled up her messages, so that she could take herself out of her own misery.

          Seeing the text was from an unfamiliar number, she opened it and read the message.  

M: Hey it’s me Mark from the other night.  How’re you?

Looking at the message in surprised disbelief, Miranda couldn’t believe that she had actually forgotten about the guy she’d hooked up with the weekend before, and even more unbelievable was that he was actually contacting her after their one night of passion.   Deciding that she would answer his text, she replied and then went into the bathroom so that she could start getting ready for her date in a few hours.


          Miranda was just giving herself a once over, making sure her hair and make-up were done to perfection when she heard her doorbell chime.  Picking up her phone and checking the time she out loud to herself, “wow! He’s prompt too.  Nice!”  Making her way over to the intercom by her door, she checked the video display and saw that it was indeed Frank.  She buzzed him in, unlocked her apartment door, and then rushed around her apartment getting her last-minute items together.

          Frank hadn’t told her where he was planning on taking her.  He said that he’d wanted it to be a surprise, and for her to dress nice but casual.  Not sure what this meant, she told Sue what he’d said, and she miraculously was able to pick out just the right outfit for Miranda’s date.  Just as Miranda was heading back towards the door of her apartment, she heard a soft knock, and heard a confident, firm sounding, “hello?” from the other side of the door.

          Quickly grabbing the door and yanking it all the way open, her mouth dropped in surprise.  For standing before her was hot sex on a platter.  The man was gorgeous, make no mistake.  What the hell does he see in me that he actually asked me out?  Miranda was asking herself.  Frank was dressed to perfection in a powder blue button-down top, distressed slim-fit jeans, and loafers.  How he was able to be casual and sexy at the same damn time was lost on Miranda, but she accepted it for what it was.

          “Hi, how are you, Miranda?  Glad to finally get to see you outside of work.  Should I come in, or are we ready to go?”  This was all said as he casually leaned up against her door.  Quickly clearing her throat so that she wouldn’t stutter, Miranda quietly and as calmly as possible replied, “lead the way.”


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