Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 3

Entering her tightness with swift and sure confidence, caused Miranda to scream her pleasure to the ceiling. Feeling him move in and out of her with such confidence, caused Miranda to become even more aroused.

Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 3

The next day at work couldn’t go fast enough for Miranda.  She was so excited to begin the first part of operation “Fuck Frank” as they had begun calling it.  Finally, with the day completed, Susan and Miranda headed towards downtown to go shopping.  Susan had it all planned out.  They were going to grab a few outfits that would flatter Miranda while at the office, and then they were going to head to the salon, to update her hairstyle.  Susan had observed the types of women that drew Frank’s attention, whenever he was around the office, and her plan was to get Miranda to dress as closely to that type as possible, while still being comfortable being herself.

          The way Susan saw it, they weren’t necessarily changing Miranda for a guy.  No, they were changing Miranda so that she could get laid by the guy of her dreams.  After that she figured, who cared what Miranda looked like, as long as the mission was a success.  She had an entire script just for this.  Susan knew how shy her friend could be.  Miranda didn’t date much, and when she did date, they tended towards the dweeby type.  She didn’t know why Miranda didn’t go for the hotter guys.  Susan felt that Miranda was a real beauty with her fire red hair, hazel eyes, creamy alabaster skin, and full lips, even if at times she didn’t think so herself.  

          The two talked about their plan over the course of the next several hours, while Susan also coached Miranda on how to walk, and talk to a man of Frank’s caliber.  “Oh yeah, and whatever you do, Mir honey, do NOT fall in love with the guy!  Remember, this is just so that you can get laid in real life and not just your dreams.”  Susan said this with a smile.  She thought that Miranda was adorable, with just how naive she could be at times.  But, Miranda couldn’t stay naive forever, they were living in the big city after all.  She needed to get some street smarts about her if she was going to survive.  Susan knew that as much as she tried to look out for Miranda, she couldn’t always be there to protect her friend.  

          Susan also thought it was best for Miranda to come out of her shell more, she knew she had it in her.  


          Over the course of the next few days, Susan continued to coach Miranda on how to catch a guy like Frank.  She knew that Miranda was going to have to practice a bit before she landed the big fish.  So that weekend, Susan decided that she and Miranda would head to a bar and pick up a guy for the night.  Miranda was going to have to pop her casual sex cherry, before she even attempted landing her dream guy.  

          The two of them made it to the bar and it was already live and jumping with other party goers, looking to have a good time.  Once they ordered their drinks and found their table, they proceeded to get shit faced wasted.  During the course of the evening, they talked and danced with a ton of guys, but one guy caught Miranda’s attention, and she caught his.  They kept dancing with each other all night.  Susan noticed this and subtly kept egging them on. 

          By two o’clock that morning when the bar was closing, Miranda and the guy she’d met were all over each other.  They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.  Susan made sure to get the three of them an uber back to Miranda’s place, and from there she would just take the uber the rest of the way to her apartment.  

          Miranda and the guy from the bar made their way hastily if clumsily up the stairs to her apartment.  By the time they got in the apartment, they were both halfway undressed.  Kissing every inch of exposed skin on her body, the guy was attempting to taste all parts of her, while she attempted to get the key in the lock, so they could get into her apartment.  

          Finally making it inside, Miranda barely got the door closed before the guy was ripping her top off of her completely.  Bare breasts set free, they sat perky and upright, with pink nipples puckered to perfection in the chilled air of the apartment.  Miranda began to moan as the guy, she thought his name was Tony, started suckling on her nipples, sucking on them as though they were attempting to run away from him.  Continuing to undress her and himself, Tony and Miranda made their way over to her sofa, where they collapsed in a heap of lust filled craze.

          Tony climbed on top of Miranda while thrusting his pelvis between her legs.  He was so hard, it hurt.  He was rock solid hard and had never been this aroused before in his life.  Quickly unbuttoning her pants, Miranda slid her pants off and threw them across the room.  Tony also took his clothes off just as quickly as she had.  Cock springing up at attention, he rubbed its length, while he repositioned himself between her legs.  

          Sliding his hard cock between her soft folds made Miranda moan deeply with the pleasure that it brought her.  The feel of her soft moist woman’s folds almost made him cum right then and there.  He just barely managed to hold off splashing all of his manly juices all over her tight little pussy.  Entering her tightness with swift and sure confidence, caused Miranda to scream her pleasure to the ceiling.  Feeling him move in and out of her with such confidence, caused Miranda to become even more aroused.

          With her pussy dripping the juices of her lust, Tony was lost in just the feeling she was giving him.  He didn’t know how he ended up getting so lucky, but he was going to make sure he actually kept this girl’s phone number.  With those thoughts, Tony proceeded to continue to bone Miranda’s lights out.  The only sounds to be heard in the room were the slaps of the rough sex coming from the couple currently fucking on the sofa.  


“Ughhhh!” Miranda heard herself moan as she slowly lifted herself up off the couch, squinting at the bright sunlight coming through between the shades of her window.  Looking around her surroundings, to get a good sense of where she was, Miranda realized that she was actually in her living room and was trying to remember how she got there.  “Hmpff!” “AHHH!”.  

Miranda heard a strange sound to her right, and when she looked down she saw that there was another person on the sofa with her.  Someone she didn’t remember meeting, much less letting into her home.  When she’d heard the sound he’d made, it caused her to scream in shock and surprise.  Clearing his throat, Tony looked up at the wild red haired young lady, that he had screwed the crap out of the night before, smiled and said, “Hello, how ya doin’?” 

Unable to answer, Miranda just stared at the gorgeous and strange man talking to her.  When she didn’t say anything to his greeting, Tony continued, “It’s me, Mark.  Do you remember?  From last night.” Eyes going round, Miranda suddenly had a flash of memory and all that had occurred the night before, and burst into laughter.  “Shit!  Your name is Mark?  I’ve been calling you Tony in my head all last night!”.  Seeing the humor in what she was saying, Mark ended up bursting into laughter as well, and decided that he actually liked this girl.  Yeah, he was definitely going to give her his number.


          “I mean, how the hell did I think his name was Tony, Sue? Did I meet a Tony that night or something?”  laughing hysterically at Miranda, as she explained everything that happened after Susan had the uber drop them off.  She couldn’t help it, she was so proud of her friend.  It had taken her forever in order to get her to the stage where she would be comfortable with having a one night stand.

          “Well, I’m not sure if it’s actually going to be a one night stand.  He asked for my number Sue.  Is that normal?”  Hearing this sent Susan off into additional peals of laughter.  “Leave it to you to actually end up having a guy want your number after a one nighter!  You must’ve made one hell of an impression!”  Susan finished saying to her, once she was able to get her breath back.  “I’ll say this for you, if you could make a random handsome stranger want your phone number even after having a one night stand with you, then I think you’ll knock good ol’ Frank’s lights out with what you’ve got to offer”.



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