Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 2

Last Night she was watching Jeopardy, and the image of Frank’s huge cock sprung into her mind right as one of the contestants was answering the final jeopardy round question.

Miranda's Sexual  Pleasure Motivation-- 2


           Miranda couldn’t stop thinking about the daydream she’d had in the bathtub the other night.  It was crazy just how real what she and Frank had done, felt.  She really felt his cock inside of her.   The way he moved, the pleasure he brought her.  Looking in the mirror, while heaving a sigh she said, “Miranda get a freaking grip on yourself chica, it’s never going to happen!”.  She continued to think about the daydream as she finished getting ready for work.  Or, as she liked to call it, “The place of everlasting hell.”

           She had been thinking over the past several weeks about searching for another job, but every time she attempted to look, the salaries that were being offered were less than to be desired.  And in addition, she actually liked her job.  It was her boss Juliet that she hated.  It was like the woman had it in for her and she couldn’t figure out, for the life of her, what she had done to earn Juliet’s wrath.  Since she lived in the city, near her job, it was a simple one subway stop to her destination, so she wasn’t in much of a hurry.

           Miranda tended to get to work early, even when she tried to be late, she was always on time.  The benefit of that though, was that she always got to see when Frank got in.  He had to walk past her cubicle in order to get to his office, and that was probably why she made it her business to get to work on time.  It was the highlight of her day, every time she saw him walk past.  But now that she thought about it, she didn’t think she was going to be able to get the image of him fucking her into oblivion out of her mind.  Even though it was only a daydream, it felt real enough to cause her embarrassment when she thought about it outside of her daydream.

           Even when she tried to put it out of her mind, it would pop up when she least expected it.  Last Night she was watching Jeopardy, and the image of Frank’s huge cock sprung into her mind right as one of the contestants was answering the final jeopardy round question.   I seriously need to get a life, and a boyfriend, this mess can’t possibly continue.  I’m going to drive myself nuts!  She was thinking to herself.  

          Miranda had just managed to get into the office and to her desk a few minutes before she heard the elevator ding, and saw Frank step off in all his tall, gorgeous, handsomeness.  Today he was wearing dark brown slacks that seemed to hug his ass to perfection.  Shifting in her seat, Miranda felt the familiar wetness that always soaked her panties when she saw him.  For this reason alone, she always made sure she packed an extra pair of panties in her bag.  It was ridiculous really; she didn’t know why Frank seemed to have this type of effect on her.

           “G’morning Miranda,” Frank said to her as he walked past her desk.  “Hi, Frank!” she replied a little too enthusiastically.  Blushing a deep red and dipping her face low so that he couldn’t see her embarrassment, she waited until he continued past her and on his way into his office before she lifted her head and exhaled the pent-up breath she had been holding after she spoke to him.  “Hey, Miranda. What’s up? How was your weekend?” said her best friend and co-worker Susan.  

           “Hey Sue.  It was totally relaxing and I hate that I had to come here to deal with the psycho bitch Juliet.  But other than that, how’re things with you?”  As the two friends conversed, Miranda found herself relaxing a bit.  She wished she could get and keep Frank out of her mind, but it was like she was obsessed with him.  “Sue, I need a freaking drink like ASAP!” “Mir, it’s nine-thirty in the morning.  There aren’t even any bars open!” her friend replied to her with a laugh.  Although her friend may have thought that she was joking, Miranda was perfectly serious.  She wasn’t much of a drinker, but she was pretty stressed out.  Between having to deal with Juliet’s psychotic ass, and Frank’s handsome one, Miranda was dealing with way too many asses for her liking.  

           Later that day, as Miranda and Susan made their way to the building cafe to grab lunch, Miranda began bemoaning the fact that she would forever have an unrequited love for someone that didn’t even know she was alive.  Susan, very aware of her friend’s crush on one of the directors, simply nodded her head, as she scrolled her social media account.  “You know Mir, you really need to address this high school girl crush that you have on him.  I mean, it’s been a year already, put on your big girl pants and walk up to him, and tell him you want to fuck his lights out!  Based on what I’ve heard, he’s banged a couple of women in another department anyway.  Sheesh, you look like his type, he might give it a go.”  Susan said to her when she finally managed to stop her scrolling and place her full focus on her friend.

           “OH, c’mon Sue!! You knowww I can’t do something like that!”  Miranda replied to her, with her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.  Susan smiled at her friend’s consternation.  She knew that her friend had it in her to do whatever she wanted, and Susan felt like if Miranda really wanted to screw Frank to high heaven, then that was exactly what she would do.  And Susan decided right then and there that she was going to help her reach her goal.  

           Turning to look Miranda up and down, Susan said, “You know what Mir?  We’re going to have to do something about your professional wardrobe.”  Looking over at her friend in slight confusion at the sudden change in topic, Miranda looked down at her outfit, and then back up at Susan and said, “What’s wrong with what I have on?” 

“Nothing, if you’re going for the bored receptionist look.  You’ve got to put a little more pizzazz in your outfit if you’re going to bag the sexy marketing director.”  Susan replied with a mischievous smile on her face.

           Not liking the turn of the conversation, Miranda looked at her friend suspiciously and asked, “What do you have in that sneaky little mind of yours, Sue?”  Not replying right away, Susan just marched Miranda toward the cafeteria, while letting her think about all of the possibilities.

           Miranda couldn’t believe the crazy plan that Susan had decided to hatch.  Calling it “Operation fuck Frank” chuckling out loud Miranda threw her keys down on the side table, by the front door as she entered her apartment.  It was another crazy, stressful day, having to deal with Juliet and her breakdowns, as well as everything else at the office.  Thinking about what Sue had said about hooking up with Frank, Miranda wondered to herself if she was brave enough to give it a shot.  She had heard some rumors as well, that were floating around the office regarding him, and a woman that worked in a different department.

           Miranda hadn’t wanted to believe it, but the way the women looked at Frank around the office, she couldn’t say that she would be surprised if he did hook up with someone.  Deciding not to give any more thought to Susan and her crazy ideas, Miranda sat down on the sofa in the living room and decided to stream and binge on one of her favorite shows.  “Wake up my love, I’ve been waiting for you.”  Slowly opening her eyes, her vision was at first very blurry.  Blinking away the blurriness, she looked up into the most beautiful golden green eyes, it had ever been her pleasure to lay her own two eyes on.  Leaning down and nipping her behind her ear he said, “What took you so long to wake up, my sleeping beauty.”  Sighing with pleasure, she allowed Frank to continue to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, while he caressed her breast, and licked her neck.  With her body squirming at the feelings and sensations that he was invoking, she started moaning and groaning, at the pressure that had begun to build in her woman’s mound.

           Thrusting her pelvis up, attempting to make contact with what, she did not know, Miranda continued to moan and groan --, RINGGGGGGG!  Jumping up out of her sleep, Miranda looked down at her body, noting that her nipples were very aroused and moaned to herself, “ugh! Not again!”  reaching over and grabbing the still ringing phone from off the coffee table, she saw that it was Sue calling.  Quickly answering the call, she responded before Susan could even issue a greeting.  “You know that plan you told me about earlier today? It’s ON!”  Bursting into peals of laughter, Susan said between breaths “OMG what happened?!  Did you have another dream about him?” “Yes, you know I did, only this time he didn’t get as far as he did last time because you interrupted!”

           Going off into laughter again, Susan finally managed to say once she caught her breath, “ok, ok, ok.  Well, first things first, tomorrow after work, we definitely have to head to the store to get you a new wardrobe.”  Speaking a few more moments in order to finalize their plans, the two friends got off the phone with each other, both satisfied that things were going to work out for the best, and they would finally be able to put Miranda out of her own misery.

    To Be Continued


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