Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-1

Screaming and moaning, her nails dug deeply into his back, every time he thrust deeply into her. Miranda met every thrust that he had to offer,and sometimes giving more than he asked, she was so lost and enraptured in the pleasure he was providing

Miranda's  Sexual Pleasure Motivation-1

Miranda had had it with her job! She just couldn’t take it anymore, if she had to deal with that
sociopathic manager at her job one more time, she thought she would lose her mind. She’d finally
gotten home after a very long and trying day at work, and the only thing Miranda had in mind to do,
was to take a relaxing, steamy hot bubble bath. Miranda had decided that she was going to open that
new bottle of red wine, she had received as a gift a couple of months ago, light some candles, put on
something smooth to listen to, and just let go.
She had decided that she was just going to release all of the stresses that she had felt
throughout the day and week, into her bubble bathwater. Quickly moving around her apartment, she
gathered everything that she would need to take her bath. Setting up the bathroom, and running the
water, Miranda added the bubble bath and then poured herself a glass of cabernet sauvignon.
Stopping the water once it reached the level she desired, she quickly got undressed and stepped into
the hot steamy bathwater.
Giving a deep sigh of relief and relaxation, Miranda leaned back in the tub and settled her
head on the bath pillow behind her. Finally smiling for the first time that week, she allowed her body
to go completely limp as the soft relaxing music of her favorite band played in the background.
Replaying the day’s events, Miranda watched the course of images flick through her mind until she
saw one that captured her attention. It was the image of Frank from the Marketing department
walking to the copy machine.
Miranda wasn’t sure why she chose that particular image of Frank to focus on just then, she
had hundreds, if not thousands of images of him in her mind. He was gorgeous to her. Tall, with
tanned skin, jet black hair, and ice-blue eyes, Frank was every woman’s dream and every husband’s
nightmare, but Miranda didn’t have a husband, so he was definitely only her dream guy. He was the
head of marketing, and single, and everyone woman in every department, that could lay eyes on
Frank, had a crush on him, and Miranda was no exception.
She oftentimes found herself daydreaming about him making love to her in the most sensual
way possible. She knew that it was something that was never going to happen, but it was fun to think
about anyway.
Placing the wine glass that she was sipping, on the side of the tub, Miranda again leaned back
and closed her eyes. Allowing herself to get comfortable, she thought about Frank walking to the
copy machine and suddenly remembered why this image had come to her. He’d had on some khaki
pants, that stretched in the best possible way over his ass, and what a delightful ass it was. He was
so muscular, it didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat on his body.
Slowly placing her hand on her chest, slightly above her breast, but below her neck, Miranda
started to slowly trace circles in slow lazy lines across her chest. Taking her pointer finger, she let it
trail lower, down the valley between her breasts, as she took the tips of the fingers on her other hand,
a softly yet firmly pinched the nipple of one of her breasts. Pinching and releasing her nipples,
Miranda felt her breath hitch in pleasure. Letting a slow smile play about her lips, she allowed the
fingers on her free hand, to continue to trail their way down her stomach, circling her navel and
continue on to her womanly mound.
Keeping the thought of Frank in her mind, Miranda imagined that it was his hands that were
touching and feeling on her, and making her feel these electric sensations. With her fingers pinching,
squeezing and massaging her swollen nub, Miranda felt her hips shift up in an effort to feel every
sensation her fingers were bringing her when suddenly, her fingers were no longer the cause of her
pleasure, but it was Frank’s manhood that had replaced her fingers. She didn’t know how, and she
didn’t know when. But from one moment to the next, his manhood was rubbing itself up and down
against her flesh.
With Frank’s manhood at the apex of her womanly’s mound, Miranda felt herself begin to
become lightheaded at the sheer pleasure of what she was about to experience. She couldn’t wait.
Feeling the head of his long, smooth, thick, veiny shaft sent shivers of pleasure coursing up
and down Miranda’s body. As he entered her, she felt every inch of him moving within her, inch by
pleasurable inch. It was like he was going extra slow in order to savor the feeling as much as she
did. Like he never wanted the feeling to end. Pushing his body into her, Frank gave a low deep,
growl of masculine pleasure.
She was tight, moist, and hot, just the way he liked it. Frank felt every ridge and valley of her
womanhood, as he entered her. Beginning to move in and out of her with a confidence she had
never experienced before, Miranda met Frank thrust for every painstaking thrust. Placing his hands
around her waist, and grabbing her tight little ass, Frank pulled her in closer to him as he thrust in and
out of her fiercely. Leaning his head down, and sucking and biting the side of her neck, Miranda was
oblivious to anything that was going on around her.
Head moving from side to side, Miranda was immensely enjoying the feel of Franks shaft
moving in her so deeply, that sometimes, it felt as though he were touching her stomach from the
inside out. Screaming and moaning, her nails dug deeply into his back, every time he thrust deeply
into her. Miranda met every thrust that he had to offer, and sometimes giving more than he asked,
she was so lost and enraptured in the pleasure he was providing.
Feeling the momentum build, Miranda felt as though she were a volcano that was about to
explode. Only instead of running away from the explosion, she was running towards it. The
sensation was in her toes, quickly making its way up her legs, and then her thighs, shooting sharp
pains of pleasure into her womanhood, and continuing to travel up her stomach, into her breasts, and
then her chest and neck. Finally reaching her head, where it exploded into sharp crackling, crashing
sounds, of light and dark.
Screaming as loud as her voice would allow, Miranda felt herself explode. Squirting her
pleasure all over herself, and Frank, as he continued to pump into her, ignoring for the moment that
she was releasing her juices all over his shaft, as he too, was lost in the feeling of bringing her
sensual delight.
Miranda didn’t know how long she slept, the only thing she knew was that, when she opened
her eyes, she was cold and wet, and when she looked at her hands, the skin was shriveled. What in
the world just happened? She asked herself. Looking around and realizing that she was still in her
bathroom, Miranda gasped in horror, as she realized that the entire time she had been imagining the
pleasure that Frank had been giving her. “But it felt so real!” she said out loud to herself.
Looking over to the counter, she saw her empty glass of wine, sitting next to a half-drunk
bottle, and realized the wine was a lot better than she had anticipated. Leaning back in the tub and
thinking about what had just happened. Miranda allowed a smile to come unbidden on her face, as
she decided that this particular brand of cabernet was going to become her favorite if it made all of
her daydreams this realistic.

                              To Be Continued 

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