Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 5

Finally getting her into the position he wanted, Frank bent his head down as he opened Miranda’s legs so wide, that they touched the back of the sofa and could go no further. Placing his lips right at the apex of her thighs, he began to eat her like a man starved of food for months. From one moment to the next, Miranda went from feeling light waves of pleasure to the pure electric shock of trimmers racing through her blood.

Miranda's Sexual Pleasure Motivation-- 5

Taking two consecutive deep breaths, Miranda clasped the arm that Frank offered to her and they made their way down the stairs and out of her apartment building.  Miranda was doing everything she could to calm her nerves, but she couldn’t believe this was actually happening.  Susan was a fucking genius.  She couldn’t help thinking to herself.  The way she was able to successfully orchestrate this date that Miranda was now on, was a testament to that fact as well.  

          Frank escorted Miranda to his car, and after opening the door for her to enter, he walked around the front of the car so they could head out on their date.  By the time the two of them reached the restaurant that Frank wanted to take them to, the two of them were laughing like the best of old friends.  With butterflies floating in her stomach, and her heart fluttering wildly, Miranda made sure to thoroughly enjoy herself.

          He had taken her to one of those new fusion restaurants on the river, right outside of town.  The live band was amazing, and the food was to die for.  Miranda drank to her heart’s content since she was so nervous and excited.  She wondered if Frank was going to try to hook up with her tonight, she really hoped so.  Susan had told her that based on what she’d heard from someone that had slept with him a few months ago, he had a schtick.  Miranda really hoped that he kept to the same playbook because she was determined to get fucked by Frank tonight.

By the time dinner was over, and they had made their way over to the bar to finish drinking, Miranda was pretty wasted, but not to the point where she was incoherent.  She just wanted to be able to release her inhibitions just a bit, so that she could make sure to thoroughly enjoy what she pretty much knew was going to happen later on that night.

Throughout the course of dinner, and then drinks, Frank had steadily been getting closer and closer to her.  Touching and feeling her, hugging her, and planting sweet soft kisses along her face and neck all evening.  Miranda was so aroused that the tips of her nipples were rock hard and pebbled.   The two of them danced the night away, talked, laughed, and generally had an overall great time out with each other.


          Later that evening, Frank and Miranda headed back to her apartment.  While in the car Frank couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her.  The palm of his hand was on her inner thigh, and he was rubbing it up and down her thigh.  Every time he reached her apex, he would gently brush his fingertips alongside her clitoris, which then sent shivers of pleasure running up and down her spine.  Miranda just knew that it was going to be better than her dreams and she couldn’t wait.  They couldn’t get to her apartment fast enough.

Once up at her apartment door, Miranda had a quick feeling of deja vu, since she had just done this very same thing with Mark only a couple of weekends ago.  Giving herself a mental shrug, Miranda pushed her apartment door all the way open once it was unlocked.  Taking over for her once she got the door opened, Frank opened the door the rest of the way, grabbed her by her wrist and yanked her inside her apartment.  

Giving a light squeal of pleasure, Miranda let out a drunken giggle and fell into Frank’s chest as he continued pulling towards him.  Finally getting her where he wanted her, which was directly in front of him, he placed his hand at the base of her neck and applying light pressure, Miranda leaned into his embrace with a sigh of pleasure.  For a few moments, the only thing that could be heard were the sounds of the two of them kissing and licking all over each other.  Walking her over to the couch, Frank gently pushed Miranda down onto the couch, made her lean back, and cock open her legs.  

She was wearing a knee-length A-line skirt that rode up her thighs, as she opened her legs wider, for Frank’s viewing pleasure.  Licking his lips he got down to his knees and grabbed Miranda by her silky, smooth thighs firmly pulling her towards him.  With her skirt now all the way around her waist, the only thing that was covering Miranda’s warm, moist, tight pussy was a pair of thongs. Frank promptly removed from her person.  With her beautiful pink pussy exposed to his view, he felt himself grow harder and harder, to the point where his cock was a certified steel rod, ready for entry at any cost. 

          Finally getting her into the position he wanted, Frank bent his head down as he opened Miranda’s legs so wide, that they touched the back of the sofa and could go no further.  Placing his lips right at the apex of her thighs, he began to eat her like a man starved of food for months.  From one moment to the next, Miranda went from feeling light waves of pleasure to the pure electric shock of trimmers racing through her blood.  

          She tilted her pelvis into his face, wanting him to gain closer access to her.  She wanted him to lick her dry.  As Frank’s tongue did magical things to her clitoris, Miranda’s hands found their way to his head and she began pulling and yanking on his hair, in an attempt to get him to do something that she did not yet know.  Moaning out Frank’s name with every lick of his tongue on her folds, she began increasing her thrusts into his face as he began to increase the pressure caused by sucking on her clit, while his fingers played with the folds of her labia.

          Feeling that familiar pressure began to build within her, causing Miranda to strain hard, almost losing all sense of control.  What the fuck kind of magical tongue does this man possess?!  She couldn’t help thinking to herself over and over and over again.  She’d never had her pussy eaten this good before, not that she’d had a lot of experience in that area.  From the experience she did have, she knew that this was the best she’d ever had in her life.  As the pressure continued to build, Frank continued to lick, suck, and fingerfuck Miranda into ecstasy.

          He couldn’t believe just how good and sweet she tasted.  He wanted to stay down between her legs and feast on her forever, but the hardened, engorged length currently sheathed between his legs had other ideas for him.  Not that he minded what was going to happen next, it was just that he wanted to continue to eat, it tasted too good to stop and he was greedy.  Miranda’s head moved almost violently from side to side on the couch, her breathing was heavy and so erratic that she knew she was close to cumming.

          Feeling her thighs and legs tense around his neck and shoulders, Frank knew meant that she was just on the verge of exploding, and he wanted to make sure he tasted every single drop of liquid she had to give.  “AAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Miranda screamed to the ceiling as her body was wracked with tremors violently shaking her while she came like she never had before.  And as she screamed and creamed, she came and came.  And all of her juices flowed and flowed into Frank’s open and waiting mouth.  

          With her body limp from the exhaustion of her pleasure, the only thing Miranda could focus on was regulating her breathing.  But Frank had other ideas in mind.  Removing her legs from around his neck, he quickly removed the rest of her clothes as well as his.  Leaning down he whispered into her ear, “Where’s your bedroom?”  barely able to move much less move, Miranda waved her arm in the general direction of her bedroom.  This was all Frank needed.


          Dick hard and standing in the full upright position, he stood up, then bent down to quickly scoop Miranda up, and carried her towards the direction she had pointed.  Not bothering to turn the light on in the bedroom once they got in there, especially since he didn’t know where it was, to begin with, Frank just kept walking until he felt himself bump into what he figured must be the bed, by the shape of it.

          He softly dropped Miranda down onto the center of the bed.  The room was pretty dark, with only dim lighting from the street light, and the moon coming in through the half-opened blinds of her bedroom window.  That was all the light that Frank needed in order to ravage her body the way he had been planning on ravaging her body for the past few weeks.  It had been hell, stepping off of the elevator and walking past her cubicle every morning.

          Frank didn’t know how or why, but one moment, she was just one of his co-workers, and the next moment he wanted to fuck her blind.  Although he’d always thought she was pretty, he didn’t think that she would be his type, but now that he had her, he was finding out just how wrong he really was.  Placing his big muscular body on top of hers was like heaven, she fit him just right, it was almost as though they were made just for each other, and Frank couldn’t recall ever having a thought like that about any of the women he’d ever dated previously.

          Quickly shifting his thoughts towards another direction, Frank leaned up on his elbows while the rest of his body covered hers, and looked down at her.  Miranda’s face was flushed from her orgasm, while her eyes were glazed over with pleasure.   Frank couldn’t help but smile a very smug self-satisfied smile, knowing that he was the one that had caused her to wear that look on her face.  You still got it baby! He said to himself while he leaned down and started licking the base of Miranda’s neck.



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