Doctor Love

“I promise.” Trav took a few steps forwards and pulled Eve into a kiss. His lips were soft, gently brushing against Eve’s for the first time. They held each other, and Eve smiled. This was love. This was everything she had ever wanted.

    Doctor Love

It was a slow day in the emergency room.

Dr. Eve Ellis took her time checking in on her patients, making sure everyone was comfortable and had the support they needed. She knew that the nurses did the same, but she preferred to check herself. She preferred to build a relationship with her patients, instead of just being a nameless face that helps them get better.

Leaning against the counter, Eve chatted with one the nurses.

“Dr. Ellis, you worry too much.” She laughed, shaking her head. “Our patient is doing just fine, recovering as planned. They’ll be able to be discharged today.”

“I still worry,” Eve said, smiling. “A broken leg can be serious, I want to make sure they don’t end up back in the hospital with complications.”

“They won’t, we’re the best hospital in town. We’ve done our best.” She turned as her name was called, and nodded a goodbye to Eve. She watched her go, then turned back to the counter, checking over a clipboard. There was always something to do. There was a mechanic coming in today, wasn’t there?

Eve looked up, checking over the schedule. There was indeed a mechanic coming in, to make sure the heating was up to code for the hospital. He’d be here right... about... now.

She turned as the doors to the emergency room opened. A man bounded in, standard mechanic clothing, but with the brightest shock of natural red hair Eve had ever seen. It was held back with a brown cloth headband. The man locked eyes with Eve, making his way over.

“Hello, Dr. Dreamy!” The man winked. “I’m Travis Thompkins, the mechanic for today. Mind leading me over to your guys’s heating area?”

Eve mouthed the words Dr. Dreamy in confusion, then nodded, turning. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Thompkins.”

“Please. Travis. You are?”

“Dr. Eve Ellis.” Eve smiled at Travis’s energy, who was practically bouncing beside him. “You can call me Eve, if you’d like.”

“I sure would like it. Hey, Eve, you busy outside of work?” Trav grinned at Eve, who blushed lightly.

“Typically yes, however, I do make time for social activities.”

“Great, nice, perfect.” Travis’ grin widened. “Wanna get coffee sometime? I’ll even give you my number.”

Eve blinked as they reached the room. “I... Sure, why not?” She couldn’t deny she was attracted to the man. It was worth a shot.

“Nice!” Trav scrawled his name on a piece of paper, shoved it into Eve’s hand, and went straight into the heating room. Eve simply stood there, holding the piece of paper, before shaking her head with a smile and heading back to work.

Two days later, Eve stood outside the coffee shop, fidgeting. She was dressed in her plain clothing, and if she was being honest, she hadn’t actually gone out with anyone, date or otherwise, in a while.

Trav was exactly on time, racing across the street, red hair swaying in the wind.

“Hi!” Trav grabbed Eve’s hand, dragging her into the coffee shop. “Let’s get coffee, I need it.”

Trav was focused on ordering up until they sat down. The moment they did, he laughed. “You really order that much sugar and milk in your coffee? Didn’t expect that from a doctor.”

Eve hid her embarrassed expression in the cup. “It tastes better this way. Coffee’s nasty.”

“Nah, it flows through my veins like blood, so I gotta replenish it.” Trav took a big gulp of his coffee, as though to prove his point. Eve smiled, softly, watching the man.

“Work went well yesterday,” Eve commented. “Not a lot of-”

“Eve.” Trav says, very sincerely, “I want to hear about you. Not work.”

“Oh.” Eve turned lightly red. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. You’re interesting on your own! Did you always talk about school or work?”

“Yeah.” Eve shrugged. “Thought that was normal.”

“Not really?” Trav laughed. “At least, not to me.”

“Alright.” Eve smiled and started opening up, talking about her family and where she grew up. Trav listened attentively, adding in questions often, and Eve’s heart slowly melted.

This man saw her for her, not as a brilliant doctor. She could be herself around Trav. Was this love? It felt like it.

Weeks passed, and so did more dates. Eve stood in the emergency room, checking over tasks. It was almost the end of her shift, and she hoped Trav would come in before that. He had said he was coming in to check something in the wiring, but Eve wasn’t sure what.

She looked over, spotting the familiar shock of red hair. Trav leaned on the counter, talking with one of the other doctors. There was a familiar smile on his face, and Eve frowned. Was he flirting with her?

Eve turned on her heels, deciding now was a good enough time to step out as any. The doctor after her was already here, and she’d take care of it. It would be fine.

As soon as she got outside, she felt her emotions bubble up, and she let them flow through. She had thought they were exclusive, she really had. She supposed she shouldn’t be too upset, she hadn’t asked, and that was her fault.

She wiped at his eyes just as a familiar voice came from behind her.

“Eve?” Trav tilted his head as Eve turned around. “What... Oh.”

“Were you flirting with her?” Was the first thing Eve thought to say.

Trav shook his head, quickly. “Eve, no, I... No, trust me. You’re the only one.”

Eve met Trav’s eyes, then looked away. “Promise me.”

“I promise.” Trav took a few steps forwards and pulled Eve into a kiss. His lips were soft, gently brushing against Eve’s for the first time. They held each other, and Eve smiled. This was love. This was everything she had ever wanted.

Little did she know then, that this would be the man she’d marry, just a few years in the future. It really was true love.

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