Beware of the Bears

It was a day of joy and celebrations in the kingdom of Bardwin, a beautiful and enchanting kingdom, which was hidden in the forests of Romania. The queen had given birth to their first child: a baby boy named Arthur, the prince who will one day inherit the throne

                                                                                               Beware of the Bears


It was a day of joy and celebrations in the kingdom of Bardwin, a beautiful and enchanting kingdom, which was hidden in the forests of Romania. The queen had given birth to their first child: a baby boy named Arthur, the prince who will one day inherit the throne. There was joy and happiness all around, all the people were invited to the grand feast that was held in the castle. Later that evening, the king and queen summoned the kingdom’s wisest prophet who was renowned for his wisdom and intelligence, to bless the child and shed some light on his future.

So, the prophet arrived and blessed the child. Then he proceeded to study the prince’s future for quite a while. Finally, after quite some time, he came forward and said “The prince will grow up to become the warrior of warriors, the hero of heroes, champion of champions, but….” he bit his lips and swallowed hard. Hearing this, the king and queen were delighted, but they wanted to learn more about what the prophet was hiding! Now, the king commanded the prophet to reveal what he was hiding, so he came out with it. “This is a secret which should have never been revealed,” the prophet said. He continued, “The child born under this star will one day have to meet his untimely death.”

The king and queen were devastated by what the prophet had just said! Worriedly, they asked the prophet to describe how and what could end their son’s life. They wanted to know the manner of his death so they could prepare themselves better, and protect the prince. The prophet then explained “Your son was born in the hour of the bull. The bull and bear are enemies, and therefore, his death will come from a bear”. Now, Bardwin was a kingdom that was in the middle of the forest, and there were a lot of bears in these areas. This kingdom was famous for its forest full of bears. Hearing this, the king was worried and stressed at the same time and wanted to prepare his kingdom to take all necessary measures to protect the prince. The very next day, he called upon his men and announced “From today, let all the bears beware! We will no longer let a single bear near our kingdom. We shall kill them all. And if anyone does not obey this order, then he shall face my wrath” said the king angrily.

Years passed by peacefully, and everyone forgot what the prophet had said. The young prince Arthur had grown taller and stronger! He was skilled in every aspect, be it sword fighting or his education. And when he turned 22, he was crowned as the king of Bardwin, the ruler and protector of the kingdom. There was happiness all around, but among all these celebrations were talks about the prediction of the prophet. And this made King Arthur annoyed. He called upon his men and ordered them to summon the prophet who had predicted his death.  

The prophet had grown quite old by now, and he could barely walk. Now, when he arrived in front of King Arthur, a huge bear who had been killed by the king was brought in.


“I have killed this beast! Nobody can kill me!” exclaimed the king.


The prophet looked shocked but then he explained “My dear king, you may kill ninety-nine such bears in the exact same manner, but after that, the hundredth bear will take your life” said the prophet sadly.


“What if I kill the hundredth bear too?” asked the king.

“If that happens, then I shall burn all my books, stop practicing astrology and die!” said the prophet.

‘We shall see!” laughingly said the king.


From that day onwards, it was made clear that nobody would touch a single bear in this kingdom other than the king himself. The king now had a mission, a mission to kill a hundred bears! He started out in his own forest and every day he kills one of the beasts. Many times, he would get into fierce brawls with the animal, but eventually, he prevailed. And in this manner, the king over time had killed seventy bears. But this move of his had created a huge impact on the population of bears. And soon after, there were no bears to be found in his kingdom! The king was now worried and confused, as to where would he find more bears.


Then one fine day, the king called his faithful advisors and told them to find out which kingdom near them had the highest population of bears. The advisors followed the instructions and came up with the report. Then, King Arthur decided to marry the princess of the kingdom, which had the highest number of bears. His marriage was celebrated in a wonderful manner and huge celebrations were conducted. He was living happily and later was blessed with a child too! His young son was named Robert. 


Every time King Arthur visited his father-in-law’s kingdom, he would kill one or two bears. And in the coming years, the king now had killed ninety-nine bears! This was the moment he had been waiting for. But bad luck struck again, and now the bear population in his father in law’s kingdom too was extinct. This infuriated King Arthur. Worried for their king, the advisors decided to sort this issue out.


In the following days, the advisors of the king had managed to get a bear from a very distant land. They now had to create a scene where King Arthur could kill his hundredth Bear. So the next day, the king and all his men went out on a hunt as usual, but this time the bear was already placed in the forest by the advisors, and it was there like he had been waiting for them! Now, after all these years, the moment had finally arrived when King Arthur could kill his hundredth bear! He took out his gun, aimed at the bear, and fired away! Boom! And the bear fell down!

This was the greatest kill of the king so far, and he ordered his men to bring the dead bear to the castle where it would be buried and a statue would be constructed upon it! The king went back to the castle, but then as the men were observing and inspecting the bear, it surprisingly was alive! The bullet had missed him and he had fainted by the sound and impact of it! Now, hearing this news would make the king really angry, and the men decided to kill the bear without letting the king know about it.

The bear was brought forth into the kingdom,  and a great celebration took place and a huge statue was also constructed above the bears grave. Now, finally, after all these years the king had killed a hundred bears and had free time. He was relaxed and now feared nothing. He wanted to spend his time with his beloved family and son. So, one day the king was visiting the market when he decided to get a present for his son, as his birthday was the next day. He went to a toy shop and started searching for a suitable gift. Out of the many toys, there and then his eyes struck upon a big wooden bear! And he decided it was the perfect present for his boy, after all, he was the son of the king who had killed a hundred bears. So he took the present and went back to his castle.

So, on the day of his son’s birthday, he presented the gift he had brought and his son loved it, he was thrilled by the wooden bear. Both the king and his son happily played and danced with the toy. It was a wonderful day and the king was truly happy. But, the wooden bear had been carved by an unskilled carpenter and its surface was rough, filled with tiny slivers of wood. And one of these slivers pierced the king’s hand. The next day, he had developed an infection. Four days later, the infection had flared up and turned into a deadly sore, which made the king fall into a coma. The best doctors were called from all around the kingdom, they did their best and conducted multiple surgeries, but alas, the infection had developed too big, and therefore they could not save the King’s life. King Arthur was dead! And this is how the hundredth bear took its revenge on the famous King Arthur of Bardwin!


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