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Why do some people love violence?   

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Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Posted 12 Aug. 2020

Why do many people have the deep down crazies?


Tasty Chicken
@Tasty.Chicken · Posted 12 Aug. 2020

A lot of the time it could be because of the upbringing they've had. 


Word Wizard I love music and writing!
@wordwizard24 · Posted 12 Aug. 2020

It depends on the type of personality they have, some people enjoy seeing others in pain and misery.

They like violence and inflict pain upon others.

It all depends on how the person was raised and what were the circumstances at that time.  


Tasty Chicken
@Tasty.Chicken · Posted 12 Aug. 2020



John belley
@JohnBelley · Posted 16 Aug. 2020

Because despite what most pacifists try to claim, violence often is a fast and effective resolution to a conflict.

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