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What's the best part of your day?   

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Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 21 Aug. 2020

The best part of my day is me cuddling my cat, sipping a cup of coffee and watching some silly cat videos.


Word Wizard I love music and writing!
@wordwizard24 · Posted 21 Aug. 2020

The best part of my day is sipping the morning cup of coffee, sitting in my balcony and enjoying the bright sunny weather, and fantastic views! 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 21 Aug. 2020

The best part of my day is probably night time. I am a night owl, so I like to stay up really late. It’s the best time for me, as it’s just me, tv, and or video games. It’s very relaxing sometimes.  


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 22 Aug. 2020

You know that brief moment after waking up where you feel comfortable, no stress is on your mind, and you just feel completely okay with the world and life... That is my favorite part. Since that is rather something small and only lasts maybe 20 to 60 seconds, I will say that my favorite part of my alert and conscious day is when my husband gets home from work and we can just relax at home together.


Sarfraz Ali
@Sarfraz.Ali · Posted 28 Sep. 2020

Early morning once everything is fresh. we have a tendency to feel mentally reinvigorated and physically recharged at that point.


John belley
@JohnBelley · Posted 01 Sep. 2020

The best part of my day is spending a great time with my family. We went out every weekend and enjoy a lots of stuff. I just love my wife and my kids. My family is everything for me and they're like a gang lol


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 12 Sep. 2020

I enjoy doing so many things that its hard to choose one thing that makes my day but the most important thing is spending time with God. Reading my Bible and listening to worship music while having a cup of coffee/tea.

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