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Please tell us the secret to maintaining a good relationship with your partner!   


Ryotaro Kurazumi
@kura-gf-sxe10 · Updated 26 Jul. 2021

This is my first post.

 It's been exactly three and a half years for me and my partner today.

 Do you have any tips for maintaining a good relationship with your partner?

 Our secret is to always discuss, resolve, and communicate each other's feelings to each other, even if there is a quarrel.

 And we complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

 And we respect each other.

Please tell us the secret to maintaining a good relationship with your partner!


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 26 Jul. 2021

Welcome to the forum @kura-gf-sxe10 

The basis of any relationship is trust. Therefore, I believe for any relationship to thrive, the partners must work hard to build and strengthen their trust in each other. Once this is broken, it is hard to build it back. Also, it is very hard to develop a lasting relationship without trusting each other. It therefore important for couples to cultivate trust and nurture it every day for the relationship to thrive and last. 


Ryotaro Kurazumi
@kura-gf-sxe10 · Posted 26 Jul. 2021

thank you.  I agree 100%.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 26 Jul. 2021

Trust is key for sure. Another thing for me, is that a relationship works only if you respect one another. I think that's another key aspect. As well, communication. I tell my girlfriend everything, even my more depressing and annoying secrets. We tell each other everything. 

I also told her years ago, that if she ever got bored with me, or was thinking about cheating on me, to just break up with me. I told her I couldn't deal with the hurt knowing she was with another guy or woman. So really, trust is the main thing, at least in my book. Trust and respect. And be honest with the one you love, that goes a long way. 

Oh, and I like her ability to care for me as well, as I hope I am good caring for her. That's another thing about relationships, you are eachothers backup. Something goes down, we got each others back. 


Ryotaro Kurazumi
@kura-gf-sxe10 · Posted 27 Jul. 2021

Certainly, I feel that communication is really important in my daily involvement.


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 26 Jul. 2021

I feel like a big factor in maintaining a good relationship with your partner is respect. If there isn't respect in a relationship, then it seldom lasts. The respect shouldn't just be performative, either. It shouldn't just be how you talk or behave around other people but also your actions in all aspects of your relationship. It includes respecting your partner's time, space and interests. If couples can establish basic respect early on in their relationship, then it will certainly last.


Debbie Katz  Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 27 Jul. 2021

As mentioned, trust and respect go hand in hand. You want to respect your partner and when you respect them, you want to maintain their trust. You can't just expect someone to trust you in the absence of lies, you want to reassure them they have no reasons to doubt your loyalty. Outside of that, have fun together on the same comfort level while encouraging each other to try new things. Experiencing life's enjoyments and trying new things together will help keep things fresh. 

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