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How do you deal with someone who`s afraid of commitment?   


Mia Gomez 
@miacol64 · Posted 13 Dec. 2021


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 14 Dec. 2021

You don't. If someone is not ready to commit, then there is no point in trying to usher them in that direction. If you're with someone like this then it might be helpful to communicate. Check in with them to see if you're both on the same page and see the relationship going in the same direction. If not then it may be time to weigh your options and make a decision. I believe that people deserve to receive the same energies that they give. You shouldn't have to change your expectations from a relationship because of your partner. Doing that can only lead to resentment in the future. 


Pritika Thakur 
@pritika98 · Posted 16 Dec. 2021

I completely agree with Osheen. If they're merely fearful of it, then both partners can communicate about it and see if there are any chances to go further. After that, they can both work it out. But if the person's not ready to commit, then don't. One shouldn't be wasting their time, energy, and affection on someone who's not going to reciprocate it to them and have them stand on edge at all times. Such situations can often highlight themes of toxicity and gaslighting behaviour.

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