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Are you a morning, noon, or night person?   

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Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Updated 23 Aug. 2020

What I mean by this is what time you prefer to be most active and do what needs to be done for the day be it work, shopping, appointments, or anything else. I used to consider myself a night person but the older I get, I am noticing I like to do things in the afternoon. From like 11PM until 8PM is my most active hours now. I like to be asleep by midnight.


Word Wizard I love music and writing!
@wordwizard24 · Posted 23 Aug. 2020

I am a big night person. I don't know why but I get active and more alert during the night instead of the day.

My productivity increases at night. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 23 Aug. 2020

I like to stay up pretty late most nights. I think it's because I am the only one up, so I feel more in charge and relaxed. I watch a lot of YouTube, movies, and tv, and I also do some gaming and catch up on some work. It's relatively boring otherwise. 


John belley
@JohnBelley · Posted 23 Aug. 2020

I am like a night owl. I love you work in night becuase there's less chances of noise and interruptions. I also love to drive in middle of the night there's no traffic and peace everywhere.

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