How I Overcome Challenges.

Let’s face it, to get anywhere in life, or in a relationship, there are always going to be challenges to face and overcome.

How I Overcome Challenges.

Let’s face it, to get anywhere in life, or in a relationship, there are always going to be challenges to face and overcome. Like every kid, I was confronted with troubles at school, not just from the study demands but also in dealing with other students and bullies. Kids, especially teenagers, are very sensitive and I was worried about my appearance and would everybody like me, would my grades be good enough, and was I moving in the right crowd. The usual stuff.

However, I found it didn't get any easier once I entered the workforce. There was a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Just getting out of bed to the morning alarm was the first challenge. Having dealt with this hurdle I had to face the obstacle course that was getting to work.

My job threw up challenges on a daily basis. Not just in trying to get the job done but in circumnavigating the minefield that is the typical workplace environment. You have to deal with demanding bosses who want no excuses and no slip-ups because they want to look good to their superiors. There are work colleagues hell-bent on getting ahead and grabbing that promotion before you do. I found there were too many instances of workplace bullying and petty personality clashes that throw up challenges. However, I always looked for the silver lining, the positives. All these pitfalls that I have had to resolve hardened me and taught me solid lessons on how to deal with problems and how to devise workable solutions.

These earlier proving grounds stood me in good stead when I chose to leave that job and start up my own small business. Talk about challenges! Every which way I turned I was thrown a greater obstacle. There were financial issues, bureaucratic red tape, uncooperative suppliers, and demanding customers to placate.

Trying to make a go at building a successful business has taught me a great deal about the best ways to confront difficult situations head-on and either neatly side-step them, or resolve them, and move on. I found that analyzing each quandary as it appeared was the best course of action. It did no good ignoring challenging issues and hoping they would go away. My suggestions are:

  • don’t ignore the problem

  • don’t delay in addressing the obstacle

  • break down the components of a confronting situation

  • analyze the best way to deal with each separate part of the problem

  • seek help where something is beyond your abilities

  • take affirmative action to resolve each challenge


Taking charge of any obstacles when they arise is the art of successful management. A good manager will think outside the box to find solutions. I have found that innovative solutions requiring some unexpected actions have produced the most satisfying answers. So, don’t follow the crowd and do what everybody else is doing, get creative and overcome challenges with fresh, inventive strategies. This approach has worked for me and has paved the way to a rewarding career path in my own business.

I have found that training my mind to effectively deal with challenges has also helped in my personal relationships with friends and family. It has empowered me to avoid confrontation with the demands of loved ones, and to deal with situations threatening the wellbeing of my family. Instead, I always strive to devise a positive course of action that will circumvent or overcome any challenges so we can all move forward together to a happier place.

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